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Coral Calcium’s Benefits

When people hear the word calcium, they immediately associate this word to bones. While calcium is very important in bone growth, density and structure, it also serves several other functions. It helps in the heartbeat process, nerve conduction and other physiological processes. Calcium is also a mineral that is sustained all through life, influential and flexible. There are many sources of calcium in the environment.

Calcium is also present through the different milk brands that a person takes. Another source of calcium is corals. Coral calcium is currently being advertised and sold as supplements today.

Coral calcium is calcium derived from corals. This calcium is obtained by grinding limestone on top of coral reefs and which no longer contains organisms. Coral calcium supplements have surfaced because of the assumed benefits of coral calcium. These supplements cost more than any other calcium supplements.

Coral calcium supplements say that it is best to take these supplements in tiny doses than in one big dose. Coral calcium supplements allegedly benefits a person in two ways compared with other common calcium supplements. Coral calcium supplements ensure higher absorption of calcium and it is more effective. It also benefits the sturdy structure of bones and teeth. Furthermore, it also increase the speed if bone growth and bone density

Coral calcium supplements also claim that it helps in preventing cancer, osteoporosis and even Alzheimer’s disease. At present, cancer is treated through chemotherapy sessions, cobalt, radiation and other medical procedures. Nonetheless, many people believe that cancer is caused by lack of calcium. This belief is being exploited by advertisers to sell their products. On the other hand, Alzheimer’s which is characterized by memory loss do not have a present treatment. Isn’t it an important relief if coral calcium really helps cure or prevent Alzheimer’s?

Coral calcium also helps in blood clotting, gives energy and joins in the structuring of protein in RNA and DNA. These supplements also claim that they can lessen the blood pressure. Other benefits claimed by coral calcium supplements are:

1.) Builds resistance and refurbish alkalinity to generate good health

2.) It controls pH levels

3.) Minerals in the body are supported by it specifically minerals in natural fluctuations in hormone

4.) Aids in cleaning the body from toxins and protection

Coral calcium supplements also assert that they breakdown weighty metals and drug remains in the body. It also normalizes acids that are destructive and can result to certain diseases. Coral calcium also plays a role in enzyme functions and the secretion of hormones. A coral calcium supplement also gives necessary minerals to the body for good health. It restrains bone loss and increases oxygen level. It also helps in staying away from constipation.

Coral calcium supplements and benefits have been criticized by many experts. The very claim that coral calcium is different from any other calcium has stirred unpleasant remarks. Experts say that coral calcium is essentially the same with any other calcium. It helps in the identified functions of calcium in the body.

However, researches say that coral calcium can not treat cancer or Alzheimer’s. The claims of manufacturers that it can cure these deadly diseases are not based on facts. It is not yet proven that these supplements have a significant effect on these diseases.

These claims are only used for the sake of advertising. The producers are merely using the absence of treatment for these diseases to sell their products.


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