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Family History Search

Doing a family history search is an important thing for most people who wish to know about the legacy of the past generations of their family tree. Others simply want to know where their ancestors originated or to have a better understanding of their past. Doing a family history search can be made easier and more fruitful by following these tips.

One of the first things that would help you get some information about your family tree is by starting with what you currently have. Before you delve into the distant past of your family tree, you have to find out what you can about the present. You can start by rummaging through your own home for that piece of family history.

You would need to collect any documents that you may have with you that will help give you clues of your family history. This would include gathering family photos, heirlooms passed down to you, important family documents like birth, marriage and death certificates as well as other similar things. You can also ask from relatives who may also have other similar things and documents that may prove helpful in trying to piece together your family history search. If they won't part with such important documents, you can have copies made of them as well as photographs taken as your own proof.

Aside from gathering documents and similar objects from the family's past, it may also be very helpful to do some interviews with relatives and other people who might have important information about your family's history. You can start with interviewing your own parents; you can then proceed to interviewing aunts, uncles, grandparents, family friends, etc. Don’t just limit yourself to knowing about dates and names. You can also try to gather stories and anecdotes about certain family members which might also help provide certain insights to your family history. Try to ask open ended questions more in order to discover certain surprises and story nuggets.

Once you have gathered certain information concerning your family's history, try to construct a pedigree or a family tree chart. There are different ways in which a family tree chart can be made and there are usually step by step instructions that might help you make one. Even at such an early time, having a family tree chart on hand can make you keep track of your progress when it comes to finding out about your family history bit by bit. Having a starting family tree chart can also help you discover some of the certain areas or blanks in the chart where you might still need to gather more information in order to fill up.

If you require important documents from the past, there are certain places that you might need to know about. You might want to head to the local family history center where you might be able to find certain information about your family ancestors. There are courthouses, churches as well as cemeteries that you can visit in order to get some additional information about your ancestors that may help fill up the missing parts on the family tree chart.

There are local government offices and agencies that you may want to check out in order to be furnished with certain records such as wills, birth and death certificates, marriage certificates, immigration or business documents that may help you find additional information to build up your family history search information.


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